CG Services Corporation (CG Services) is a firm that provides strategic consulting and services. We are dedicated to safely meeting the Environmental Management, Remediation and Waste Management needs of United States.
​Our scientists, engineers and technicians deliver environmental safety, engineering and technical support services to government and private industries.

CG Services is presently being mentored in multiple active projects and is poised to become a leading provider of specialized management consulting and technical services in the areas of resource management and infrastructure.

CG Services is a Small Disadvantaged Business, Certified TN Minority Owned Business.  We were awarded the Small Disadvantaged Sub-Contractor of the Year in 2012 for Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and nominated Pinnacle Award finalist for Small Business, Knoxville.

CG Services is a protege to B&W Y-12 National Security Complex Department of Energy/ORO Mentor Protege Program and a participant in the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Mentor Protege PROPEL Program.

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